Do you live on a golf course? Congrats, that sounds awesome. Of course, there’s one potential drawback, and that’s having golf balls wind up in your bedroom.

We’ve heard many stories through the years of houses getting peppered by golf balls. Some involving signs, some involving confrontations, and some even involving lawsuits. And this week, a video is going viral of one furious homeowner coming out on a course wielding a golf club after having a window smashed by the “slice of slices”. Have a look:

What a wild exchange.

“I’m a mad motherf–ker right now.”

“Yeah, I bet. I have windows too.”

“What’s your name?”


“Alright, Vitale, you owe me 681 bucks.”

Um, 681 bucks?! What a specific number! But seriously, we feel the guy’s pain – especially since it apparently took quite an awful shot to do the damage.

All The Rage

“I’m madder than s–t!” the older man continues before hitting the golf cart with his club and then hitting the golfer with quite a jab at his golf game. “You can’t hit this goddamn thing? It’s 200 yards wide and you hit houses!”

“Slice of slices, I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, you’re sorry. I’m out a window!”

Poor guy. But again, you live on a golf course so these things are bound to happen. Anyway, we’re glad no one got physically hurt – even if that $681 window did.

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