How To Stop Popping Up Your Tee Shots

If you’re skying your drives and getting no roll, your angle of attack into the ball is too steep. That puts too much height and backspin on the shot. A telltale sign of this problem is when you have scuff marks on the top of your driver. Hitting down with your irons is good, but with the driver, you want to sweep it. Follow these steps to avoid the pop-up.

1. Play It Forward

Too many players address the ball in the middle of their stance, as if they’re playing an iron shot. This results in a downward blow and a pop-up. Instead, set up to the ball so it’s aligned with your left armpit.

2. Raise Your Left Hip

Get into a wider stance so your left hip is a couple of inches higher than your right. This will tilt your spine away from the target, encouraging your upper body to stay back so you can hit up on the ball.

3. Finish The Backswing

To hit your driver solidly, it’s important to wind up fully. Get your left shoulder to your chin. This will give your lower body a chance to initiate the downswing – a big factor in sweeping it off the tee.

4. Keep Your Head Back

You want your torso turned away from the target as you swing down. This keeps your head back and allows you to whip your arms through impact. The upper body staying back is essential for an upward blow.

David Leadbetter runs 26 golf academies worldwide.