Callaway Golf Company has announced its new Big Bertha B-21 lineup of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons.

According to a company statement, these products are engineered with premium technologies and legendary Big Bertha design features, “for distance any way you swing it.”

Big Bertha B-21 Driver

It may not be well understood by the average struggling golfer, but designing golf clubs to combat bad swings, off-centre hits, and wildly slicing sidespin is no casual pursuit. In fact, in many cases, says Callaway’s senior vice president of research and development Alan Hocknell, it’s much more challenging to help average golfers gain an advantage than it is to help the elite player. Unfortunately, the so-called super game improvement drivers and fairway woods often end up compromising performance somewhat because the struggling golfer has so many fires that need to be put out.
But Hocknell believes Callaway’s new Big Bertha B-21 driver and fairway woods provide more of a comprehensive solution for those players who can’t find the planet with their tee shots and haven’t launched a fairway wood higher than a hedgerow since apps were that thing you did instead of dinner.
“There’s been a drift away from overt super game improvement type features,” Hocknell said, alluding to the heritage of the Big Bertha name in Callaway’s history and its strong link to aggressive game improvement. That’s particularly true with the B-21 driver, he said. “Maybe moreso than others on the market, this driver is one where we’ve taken to players who struggle with too much spin and hitting across the target line and seeing all that spin converted into sidespin and the big slice. We are sort of saying this club’s design is definitely in alignment with the Big Bertha DNA where we’ve used shape, size, club configuration and other things on purpose to try to give different opportunities over time to golfers who need the most help.”

Big Bertha B-21 is built for golfers who want to hit their drives further, and straighter so that their ball finds the fairway, according to Callaway. It’s especially suited for players who hit a slice or struggle to find a consistent ball flight, with advanced technologies that make this driver really long, forgiving, and easy to hit.

What’s truly extraordinary… it’s Callaway’s first driver with the unique combination of high launch, low spin and significant draw bias in a forgiving shape. This is a new formula for distance that’s designed to take the big miss out of your game. And it’s a total ball speed package, with the Company’s A.I. designed Flash Face SS21, Super Strength Titanium, and innovative Jailbreak Technology.

Big Bertha B-21 Fairway Woods

Callaway’s easiest to launch fairway wood promotes more distance, more consistent contact and smoother turf interaction. With iconic Big Bertha shaping and increased offset, this forgiving design helps to take the slice or big miss out of your game.

It’s easy to hit like a hybrid, from a shallower face, progressive lengths, and a larger head that create more distance and better control. Fast balls speeds come from A.I. designed Flash Face SS21 Technology, and the Flash Face is combined with Jailbreak Technology to deliver even more speed at impact.

Big Bertha B-21 Hybrids

Built to unlock your distance with a total forgiveness package. This is the Company’s easiest to launch hybrid with a larger head volume, and it’s designed to help get rid of the big miss that spins off line. Fast ball speeds are led by an A.I. designed Flash Face SS21 and Jailbreak. The offset is increased for a straighter ball flight, and to enhance launch and trajectory, dual MIM’ed (Metal- Injected Molding) Tungsten weights are precisely placed into the sole of the clubhead.

Big Bertha B-21 Irons

Designed with Big Bertha shaping to deliver a new formula for distance and forgiveness. This is the first time that an A.I. designed Flash Face Cup is in a Big Bertha Iron. The unique Flash Face architecture in each iron creates high ball speeds and increased spin robustness for every club in the set. A new Visible Tungsten Energy Core (VTEC) deepens the CG for incredibly easy launch, and patented urethane microspheres provide pure feel. In short, you’re getting iconic shaping and incredible ball speed technologies.

The Big Bertha B-21 Family will all be available at Australian and New Zealand Callaway authorised retailers from September 10, 2020.

Big Bertha REVA Women’s Family

Callaway also announced their new premium Big Bertha REVA family of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons. This product line delivers distance designed for women. Callaway’s R&D team has used significant research and testing with women to develop advanced distance technologies, optimised lofts, swingweights, shaft lengths, and forgiving head shapes. More details on Big Bertha REVA will be available soon.

Recommended Retail Pricing:

          BIG BERTHA B-21

  • DRIVER RRP: $829.99 AUD | $949.99 NZD
  • FAIRWAY WOODS RRP: $499.99 AUD | $569.99 NZD
  • HYBRIDS RRP: $419.99 AUD | $479.99 NZD
  • STEEL IRONS RRP: AUD $219.99 | NZD $279.99
  • DRIVER RRP: $829.99 AUD | $949.99 NZD
  • FAIRWAY WOODS RRP: $499.99 AUD | $569.99 NZD
  • HYBRIDS RRP: $419.99 AUD | $479.99 NZD
  • IRONS RRP: $239.99 AUD | $299.99 NZD