Since we only see big-time links golf once or twice a year, we’re often treated to some strange happenings that we rarely witness at regular tour stops. Crazy lies, putter from everywhere, 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts, brown turf, backwards bunker shots, etc, etc. That said, what happened to Will Zalatoris’ ball overnight at the Scottish Open is something we don’t think we’ve seen on any style of golf course, ever.

At the Renaissance Club’s par-5 16th, which was playing more like a par 6 on the opening afternoon due to strong winds, Zalatoris and playing partner Matt Fitzpatrick both failed to reach the green in three shots (!!). Fitzpatrick, fresh off his US Open win, was able to chip his fourth from just short of the green to six feet. Zalatoris, the US Open runner-up, was short and right, and he played a high chip that caught the slope and began motoring towards the hole.

While it appeared to be tracking, it came in a little too hot and lipped out, rolling out to six feet and stopping on top of Fitzpatrick’s ball marker, which was a large poker chip. You can’t even make it up. Pure sorcery:

This, at least for me and I’m sure many of you, is a first. Stopping dead on a poker chip and somehow staying put is something straight out of a Harry Potter movie. You’re a wizard, Willy!

“This hole hasn’t gotten any weirder,” Zalatoris could be heard saying on the broadcast.

Here’s the full clip:

Not to go full gambling guy, but I can’t think of a bigger omen for Zalatoris than his ball stopping on the poker chip marker of the guy who just beat him by one shot in the US Open. Can you say, reversal of fortune? If you don’t bet on Zalatoris next week, that’s on you. The gambling gods work in very mysterious ways.