Titleist StaDry Collection

Titleist StaDry CollectionTHE Titleist StaDry Collection features high performance, premium, waterproof golf bag options to match the needs of any serious golfer. This collection boasts 100 per cent guaranteed waterproof nylon shells, thermo-sealed zippers and uniquely shaped pockets, designed to shed water, allow full protection from the elements. Combined with the superior, function and style you would expect from Titleist, Golf’s Symbol of Excellence. The StaDry Collection is available in Black/Red, Charcoal/Lime and Grey/Orange. StaDry Cart Bag SRP – $419; StaDry Stand Bag SRP – $369 (Black/Red and Charcoal/Lime options); StaDry 4Up Stand Bag SRP – $369.

For more information visit Titleist.com.au

TaylorMade Spider Limited Putter

TaylorMade Spider Limited PutterTAKING notes from Australia’s world No.1 Jason Day, TaylorMade wanted to bring back this iconic design. Based on the Itsy Bitsy Spider head shape, this limited edition putter incorporates a new “tour red” body and seamless top crown, increasing visibility and improving alignment. Lightweight 6061 aluminium body paired with a 304 stainless steel frame enables weight to be positioned at the extremities, providing improved stability and high MOI (4900+). Redesigned with a seamless top crown and long, single sightline, promoting consistent alignment, the Spider Limited boasts a Milled Pure RollTM insert with a gunmetal finish that provides better forward roll, increased directional accuracy and improved distance control. There is also vibration dampening PU foam embedded between the body and frame for consistent sound and feel.

For more information, go to taylormadegolf.com.au

Bushnell Tour V4 Slope

Bushnell Tour V4 SlopeTHE perfect combination of speed, accuracy, slope and JOLT. The Tour V4 Slope uses Bushnell’s patented, tour-trusted Slope Technology to provide compensated distances based on the hole’s incline/decline. The Tour V4 Slope is legal for tournament play when Slope Mode is disabled. PinSeeker with JOLT provides the golfer with short vibrating pulses to give a tactile confirmation that the laser has locked onto the flag. Jolt Technology removes all doubt. Feel the exact distance … feel the JOLT! Slope compensation calculates and adjusts yardage depending on the degree of slope.

For more information, go to bushnellgolf.com

Callaway Apex Black Irons

Callaway Apex Black IronsTHE new Callaway Apex Black Irons are precision engineered with industry-leading, category-defining 360 Face Cup technology to give you exceptional, consistent ball speed across the face and playability in a forged players iron. Callaway have added a sleek all-black look with a Satin Black PVD finish and premium shaft options, with a vast no upcharge list to customise your set. The progressive design creates scoring performance from your long irons to your short irons. The Apex Black’s high tech, multi-piece construction provides a combination of distance, feel and control that can suit any player. And the extremely soft feel comes from quadruple net forging and mild carbon steel. When you combine all of these advanced technologies with the all-black finish, you have a forged iron for all golfers with an unforgettable look. Available in 4-AW with an RRP of $250 per club (steel) and $285 (graphite).

For more information, go to callawaygolf.com

Pro Golf IQ – Mental Golf Training Program

Pro Golf IQYou have bought the best clubs, you use the latest balls, and you have taken lessons, yet you are still inconsistent. During a four-and-a-half hour game of golf, less than 30 minutes of your time is spent addressing and striking the ball. The remainder is spent thinking about your next shot or reflecting on that previous bad shot. Pro Golf IQ is a revolutionary new program that gets your mind into optimum shape to play your best golf. A safe, highly advanced, scientifically proven system, consisting of five weekly audio training sessions in the comfort of your own home, Pro Golf IQ will coach your mind to think like a pro and get into the zone on every shot. Research by prestige universities show the average golfer uses only the left side of the brain. This side is preoccupied with half-remembered tips and advice – the unwanted ‘noise’ that hampers good golf. But professional golfers can also bring in the creative right side, which deals with balance, timing and co-ordination. What’s more, the very best golfers can ‘switch off’ just before hitting a shot. This allows the body to do what it has practised a thousand times before – without the mind meddling. Using a unique process called Inter-Hemispheric Synchronic Mediation (ISM) plus several other key techniques to get both sides of your brain working together, Pro Golf IQ will help you create that essential ‘quiet time’ like the pros do. After a while, this will become second nature, and you’ll be striking the ball like never before. Ultimately, Pro Golf IQ will give you the mental edge that will help you improve your game and stay focused. With a 98 per cent success rate and a money back guarantee, all you have to lose is your handicap.

Australian Golf Digest readers can purchase Pro golf IQ for just $97 – a saving of $122. Simply go to progolfiq.com/digest