Virginia Beach

Lost in a playoff at the 2015 British Open at St Andrews; No.35 in the world.

Presidential Prep
I played on my second Presidents Cup team in 2015, and the difference in the team room this time around was enormous. We’ve grown together as a group, and so I’m excited to see what we can do at Liberty National in 2017.

Making a Royal Exit
Reflecting on it now, I don’t feel like I lost at St Andrews last year. Zach Johnson played exceptionally well in the playoff. I know my game is good enough to win Majors now, and has me excited for this year.

Marc LeishmanDRIVER

Specs Callaway XR 16 (9˚) Mitsubishi Kuro Kage shaft, 70 grams, X-flex, D-4 swingweight
One of the reasons I switched to Callaway in the offseason is that I was intrigued by this driver. Distance, looks and workability: There’s a lot to like. 


Specs Callaway XR Pro (16˚) and Callaway XR 16 (20˚), Fujikura Motore Speeder 9.2 shafts, X-flex, 42.75 inches, D-3
You could learn something from my woods setup: I’m playing a 4-wood and a 7-wood. It’s a great way to fill my gaps more properly. 


Specs 3-iron: Callaway Apex UT, 4- through 9-iron: Callaway Apex Pro irons, Nippon Modus3 Tour 130 shafts, Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound grips, D-5 swingweights
I used this mixed set early in the season, but I’ve changed to a full set of Apex Pro irons.


Specs Callaway MD3 Milled, 46˚, 54˚and 58˚, Nippon Modus3 Tour 130 shafts

I prefer a heavier weight to my clubs. My irons have a D-5 swingweight, and my wedges have a similar heft. That plays to my fade shot shape.   


Specs Odyssey Versa #1 putter, 35 inches, 4.5˚ loft, 71.5˚ lie, Winn putter grip
I had used my previous putter ever since I turned pro at the 2009 Sony Open. But I like the look of this black/white/black colour scheme.

Marc LeishmanCode red

I use a red Sharpie to mark my Callaway Chrome Soft ball. I think it looks right. Last year I wouldn’t use a No.4 ball, but now I will with the new ball.

Marc LeishmanC’mon, Aussie!
Like any Australian, I have intense pride in where I came from. That’s why this alignment-stick holder and my ball marker both rep Australia

Marc LeishmanLow markers
I keep a couple of important pencils in my bag – one from St Andrews, Firestone and the Presidents Cup. They’re subtle reminders of when I was
playing at a high level.

Marc Leishman
Cause close to my heart
My wife and I just launched the Begin Again Foundation to help families in need. The logo appears on my bag this year.

Marc Leishman

Hold them tight
Hanging out with my wife, Audrey, and my boys, Harvey and Oliver, is always a good day. I had to withdraw from the Masters last year because Audrey was in a medically induced coma. Now we cherish every moment.

– with Stephen Hennessey