Thomas Detry finished in a tie for 71st place overnight at the European Tour’s Austrian Golf Open after a closing round of 82 that included an eagle and five birdies.

There are no typos in that sentence.

Unfortunately for the 28-year-old Belgian, he also made a 10 and 8 on the par-3 14th and 18th holes at Diamond Country Club outside Vienna. Not typos here, either.

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Without ShotLink to help walk back through the two holes, we’re not entirely sure what happened on either one. (Safe to say the water hazard that fronts the 18th green probably came into play there.)

We weren’t the only curious party regarding what went on with Detry.

To Detry’s credit, he had a nicely cheeky response for Pepperell.

“Get your glass of red ready Eddie! It might take a while…”

A closer look at his scorecards from the three previous days suggests that his last round might have been a microcosm for a truly bizarre week. Over the four days, Detry’s 10-over par aggregate of 294 included 19 birdies and two eagles (one of them a hole-in-one on the par-3 seventh hole during the first round). He wound up shooting every number from 1 to 10, apart from 9.

They say seeing is believing, but even after seeing his scorecards, we’re shaking our heads.