This is bound to be controversial. Donald Trump, president of the United States, has certain freedoms and liberties that come with the job. This act, though, will make a golf-course superintendent – and really, anyone who cares about golf-course maintenance – raise an eyebrow or two.

Trump owns more than 19 golf properties around the world, and this video, shared by Barstool Sports and originally by Mike Frank on Twitter, appears to have come from Trump Bedminster, where this year’s US Women’s Open will be held in a couple of weeks. We hope this green is not one being used in the tournament (Bedminster has 36 holes).

At the end of the day, when you own a course, we suppose you can do whatever you want. And if you’re Trump, on that list is driving your golf cart on the greens.

Avert the eyes, supers around the world:

We can’t come up with a good reason for driving on the green (actually, we can think of a lot of bad reasons for doing so), other than the fact that when you’re president and own the golf course you’re playing, you have free rein. Yeah, we’ll leave it at that.