Golfers know the putter can be a mercurial critter. When times are good, you want pamper it, protect it, bring it into bed. Other moments, you feel like the weapon should rest at the bottom of a lake. We’re guessing Brett Stanford has the former mindset to his flat stick at the moment.

Stanford, a member of the Aussie trick-shot group How Ridiculous, set a new Guinness World Record for longest made putt by dropping a 395-foot bomb:

Kind of puts Michael Phelps’ 159-foot drain to shame, doesn’t it?

Though Stanford’s feat is something else, it amazingly wasn’t that much longer than the previous record of 375 feet (held by Fergus Muir, who converted his putt at St Andrews in 2001). Still, 395 feet! Keep that in mind the next time you three-jack from 10 feet.