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Photography by Gary Lisbon

Surely no golfer has ever made the journey to the Port Fairy course and walked away disappointed with the voyage or unimpressed by what they found. A throwback golf course in so many ways, Port Fairy challenges golfers through its exposed location along Victoria’s south-west coastline where the wind can blow off your cap, and through a short but enchanting seaside layout. Short by modern standards, the 5,887-metre course punches far harder than its scorecard indicates, blowing many an unsuspecting golfer offline if they cannot manage their game in strong winds. A top-class double act when played before or after the nearby Warrnambool course, Port Fairy is an ornament to the best aspects of playing golf along a volatile coastline.

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Port Fairy Golf Club

Ranking in 2020: 57th

Prior rankings: 71st (2018), 79th (2016), 73rd (2014), 62nd (2012), 60th (2010), 65th (2008), 90th (2006), 70th (2004), 95th (2002)

Where: Woodbine Rd, Port Fairy VIC 3284

Phone: (03) 5568 1654




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