Some golf courses are the result of the efforts and input of dozens of people – sometimes more. Others are the vision of a single person or one dedicated couple. For Cathedral Lodge, the newest Top 100-ranked course in Australia, it was the latter. David and Sonya Evans had the land, the financial requirements and the courage to build a golf club of their own in the Cathedral Ranges of Victoria. When they were able to secure the architectural interest of the leading name in Australian golf, suddenly a dream could materialise into reality.

Greg Norman has designed with free rein for single owners in the past. At Cathedral Lodge, his expertise coupled with a remote site riddled with architectural opportunities allowed the Great White Shark’s design juices to flow to their fullest. He penned a spectacular layout, one that takes golfers through an excursion of terrains and settings while repeatedly asking stern questions of each player. It was a triumph of vision for the Evans’ and for Norman, who, with an abundance of space to work with and few confines of any sort, managed to hone his intuition and find an intriguing 18-hole routing that best showcased the property.


Cathedral Lodge & Golf Club

Ranking in 2018: 16th (debut)

Where: Rollasons Rd, Thornton VIC 3712



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Cathedral Lodge
Photography by Gary Lisbon