Rory McIlroy shared earlier in the week videos of his first swings since the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic put a pause in the golf season. Not surprisingly, he is still really good at golf. Also not surprisingly, not everyone is Rory McIlroy.

Enter Thomas Bjorn. Even at 49, the man who captained Europe to a win at the 2018 Ryder Cup is clearly no slouch as evidenced by his 15 career Euro Tour titles. But apparently he was a bit rustier than Rory when he went to film a chipping tip. A chipping tip that for some reason was filmed inside his house.

Watch and listen for the disastrous results:

If you thought you heard broken glass, well, you did. Here’s a photo Bjorn posted shortly after:

The moral of the story here is obvious. Don’t hit actual golf balls inside your own house. Even if you’re a 15-time European Tour winner.