The PGA of Australia and the ALPG have unveiled their new respective brands as part of a new era that strengthens the alignment between Australia’s two professional golf bodies.

And in a world-first for golf, the ALPG Tour will become known as the WPGA Tour of Australasia, creating a powerful and unique identity for women’s professional golf.

Created in collaboration with design agency SE Creative, the brand refresh will see the modernisation of the PGA and the ALPG’s history-rich identities.

“This is a historic moment for Australian golf. Our new brand is truly inclusive and is representative of the whole PGA and allows for all male and female professional golfers and golf professionals to be recognised under a unified PGA brand,” said Gavin Kirkman, chief executive of the PGA of Australia.

“We have undergone a meticulous modernisation and are proud to include the WPGA moniker into the PGA brand family. We are also excited to future-proof the PGA of Australia with a contemporary and timeless design that better projects our personality, values and ambitions.”

The PGA of Australia’s new-look branding

ALPG chief executive Karen Lunn said the launch of the WPGA Tour of Australasia is a significant milestone in world golf.

“We are extremely excited to leverage the strength of the world-renowned PGA brand and create a strong, bold and aspirational platform to elevate women’s professional golf,” Lunn said.

“As the ALPG we celebrate a proud history dating back to 1972 when our founding members started the women’s tour here in Australia, and this next step will ensure the future of our game is structured in a way that provides women golfers with even greater opportunities moving forward.

“We are proud to adopt the ‘W’ mark, which has become a powerful symbol in women’s sport the world-over. WPGA Tour of Australasia will sit proudly alongside the PGA Tour of Australasia representing the tournament playing arms of the professional game in our territory.”

In a world-first for golf, the ALPG Tour will become known as the WPGA Tour of Australasia, creating a powerful and unique identity for women’s professional golf.

The PGA’s comprehensive brand redesign includes the creation of a new, future-focused corporate logo and a newly created tournament professional badge, which is an adaptation of the revamped PGA Professional badge.

The look of the WPGA Tour of Australasia aligns with the updated PGA Tour of Australasia brand, which will be launched at the conclusion of the 2020-21 tournament schedule, alongside assets representing other tournaments, events and the various industry-leading functions of the PGA.

The PGA’s new brand boasts:

  • A strong, bold and unified typography that conveys the PGA’s personality and values.
  • A brand that is clearly identifiable and flexible across a broad range of executions and activations.
  • A simplistic design appearance that makes clever use of negative space, as illustrated in the ‘A’, where a forward-leaning pin flag exists, which represents the PGA’s forward-thinking approach to Australian golf. The retrospective-style flag is also a nod to the PGA’s history (established in 1911).
  • A revamped colour palette where the PGA’s primary green, synonymous with golf, has been retained but slightly modified for a more friendly and contemporary feel.