The phones have been ringing hot at Mizuno Golf’s Australian headquarters and it’s all to do with the photo above.

More specifically, it’s to do with the golf club you see in the photo above – the new Mizuno MP-20 blade. But this is no ordinary Mizuno MP-20 blade. The regular MP-20 irons, which you can read more about in our Hot List coverage inside the May issue of Australian Golf Digest, boast the re-introduction of a copper underlay between the company’s Grain Flow Forged heads and chrome plating. Re-introduced in Japan’s domestic Mizuno Professional line in 2017, testing suggested that the legendary feel of the older blades was most likely due to that layer of copper.

Now, Mizuno wants to celebrate its success by really emphasising the look and feel of its innovative underlay, releasing an entire set of the MP-20s finished in stunning raw copper for a limited release of only 500 sets worldwide. Those lucky enough to get their hands on these amazing-looking clubs will officially become members of the “Copper Club”.

“Whether chosen to play or display, these irons will be admired for years to come,” the company says.

“It’s our honour and privilege to welcome you to this exclusive circle.”

The exciting news for Aussies is 50 sets will be available for purchase Down Under from selected Mizuno retailers and will include the following specifications:

  • MP20 Blade
  • Right-Hand only
  • 3-iron to Pitching wedge makeup
  • Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Chrome shaft
  • Limited Edition BB&F ferrule
  • Z Align cord black out grip
  • STD length
  • STD lie
  • In stores from Monday April 27th.

That’s right, only FIFTY sets available in Australia, and only in RIGHT-HAND. Sorry, southpaws.

OK, now the most important question: how much will it cost to be the envy of your entire club? The copper blades will set you back a cool $495 per iron – or $3,960.00 for the eight pieces. But price may not be your biggest hurdle. Actually being one of the first 50 in the queue could prove difficult if Mizuno’s sales and marketing manager Anthony Gercovich’s recent feedback is anything to go by.

“One of our reps advised me last week his phone rang five times with copper set enquiries, and while I was on the phone to him he had missed another two calls that he later advised were about copper sets as well,” says Gercovich.

“They are seriously unique and awesome to look at. They have been created to be a collectors’ edition and not played similar to our last offering of MP100’s in 2006.”

If you do manage to be one of the lucky 50, be warned: the softer copper material is unlikely to have the durability of regular irons and will show wear and tear quickly. Might be best to keep them on show in the pool room.

Alex Etches at GolfBox TV recently reviewed the limited-edition copper clubs. Check it out here:


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