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Challenge single matchplayer, foursome teams or pleasure players in your environment. Make an appointment at over 25000 golf courses worldwide for a real single matchplay or foursome match. Thereby you can rank yourself upwards at the top places of the official leaderboards. The more matchplays you play, the more points do you get. A speciality is, that the loser also gains some points, so every matchplay counts!

Single or Foursome Matches:

Start a single match play or foursome match and meet unknown golf enthusiasts with whom you can compete. Connect yourself as a team in the foursome mode and challenge other teams. To find new golf partners for exciting matches was never as easy and thrilling at the same time as it is now!

Pleasure Players:

Just for fun: If you activate the “Pleasure Player” mode, you play without any assessment, so definitively just for fun. In this setting you can only play with other matchplayers who also activated the “pleasure player” mode.

Ranking lists:

Play yourself to the upper positions at the official “The Matchplayer” world leaderboard, the national leaderboards or the ranking list of your local “home” golf club.

Your Matchplayer profile:

Create your own matchplayer profile including your home golf club, your personal handicap and your profile- and background pictures. Thereby other matchplayers can easily find and challenge you.


In the menu option “challenges” you can see all match-challenges. In there you can also confirm or reject them. It gives you an overview about all your ongoing matches. After you’ve played a match, please go to the menu option “played matches” and enter your score in it. Afterwards your opponent only needs to confirm the results and the golf app updates your ranking lists with the additional points of the last match.


Wherever you are and whenever you want: Connect yourself worldwide with other golf players. There are thrilling golf adventures waiting for you!

Pure emotion:

“The Matchplayer” golf app provides the thrill to compete and win a real life match play against an unknown golfer.

Over 25 000 golf courses:

There are over 25 000 golf courses in our database. Be part of “The Matchplayer” app, arrange a date and find the ideal golf course together with your opponent. At the registration form you can chose your local home golf club and thus you are automatically part of the ranking list of your home golf club.

Invite your friends:

You couldn’t find a matchplayer in your area? Never mind! We just started “The Matchplayer” and would appreciate if you would just invite your friends to “The Matchplayer” with aid of the function “invite your friends”. Let’s create the biggest golf community for match play, foursome and pleasure player together!

Coming soon:

“Play for a Pro”: Play in the team of golf professional Bernd Wiesberger. Receive exclusive news, videos und much more and play in the leaderboard of Bernd Wiesberger!

“Play for a Brand”: Play for your favorite brand and receive exclusive news, videos and a lot more concerning your favorite brands. Play yourself to the highest positions in the brand ranking list!

Until the 30.09.2015 you can use and check out “The Matchplayer” with all its features for free! From the 01.10.2015 on, you can start a year membership for 24.99 €. Stay tuned with which fancy features we’ll surprise you next!

“The Matchplayer” – a new golf experience at your iPhone!



Contact us:

E-Mail: [email protected]

Web: www.thematchplayer.com

Twitter: @TheMatchplayer


Other information:

– For the GPS setting to locate your current position the iPhone requires an authorization to locate your position. Please activate the feature in your settings.

– „The Matchplayer“ golf app is optimized for iPhone 5 & 6. From version iOS 7 on, the full operability is guaranteed.