How often do you see a playing partner hold their finish after clean contact, standing tall to admire their handiwork and let everyone know they hit that one pure without saying a word? That finish is the standard for really good players because clean, consistent contact doesn’t happen if you quit before the finish line.

Imagine a line drawn down from your left shoulder through the hip and knee at address (for right-handers). Post-contact, as the club reaches a horizontal position at 3 o’clock, you want to feel that everything is getting taller and that the right side – the shoulder, hip and knee – are on that left-side line at address. If the right side doesn’t move through to that finish line, we get the hang-back that results in weak and inconsistent contact.

That rotation of the right side will keep you ‘on top of’ the ball for longer and give you the consistent contact we all desire… and a finish position that will be the envy of every golfer.

Quick tip

Next time you’re on the range, take a practice swing before each shot and really focus on rotating through to that tall position and holding it. Then step in and hit the shot and monitor the position you finish in and how that feels. Where your body ends up will tell you a lot about your strike and your ball flight.

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Photograph by Getty images: Warren Little