When should someone else have to pay for your round?

If you accept the invitation, should you expect them to pay the greens fees for you? Is the invite payment enough, since it’s a private club, and the onus is on you to pay for yourself? Should they pay, but you buy drinks afterwards?

Money: Check That Cheque

What tour pros should do with their first big paydays, according to a sports money manager.

Rory McIlroy: ‘I still hate LIV Golf’

Speaking with the media ahead of this week’s RBC Canadian Open, McIlroy – who has served as the face of the PGA Tour during its battle with the Saudi-backed league – expressed that his feelings towards LIV remain unchanged.

An inside look at how the money works on LIV Golf

As with many other issues surrounding this upstart tour, the details around all the money are shadowy. In an effort to get more granular, the Fire Pit Collective spoke with four managers/agents who represent LIV golfers; they were granted anonymity to facilitate candour.