Vintage Golf Balls

Beauty Shots

A collector finds art in his passion.

Matthew Wolff

Lone Wolff

The fascinating, inventive, unorthodox, powerful, effective, inspiring swing of Matthew Wolff.

Phil Mickelson - Swing

Built To Last

It’s time to recognise the genius of Phil Mickelson’s swing.

Raymond Floyd

My Shot: Raymond Floyd

Raymond Floyd on winning the 1986 US Open at Shinnecock, the art of tipping, and dealing with a cheat on the golf course (plus Bernie Madoff).

The Golfer Who Died

The Golfer Who Died And Came Back To Life

Despite its tranquil nature, golf can be a contact sport. Here we present stories from readers on the latent dangers of the game – from the self-inflicted to the unforeseen – and advice for playing it safe.

Beef Up Your Swing

381 words with Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston on big, drawing drives, low-flying pitch shots that bite, and why good rhythm isn’t just for dancing

Anna Nordqvist: 3W Vs. 3H

Some players think of fairway woods and hybrids as fall-back options for when you want to play safely off the tee or hit the ball somewhere near the green on a par 5. Not me. I see them as offensive weapons. On the last hole of the LPGA Championship in 2009, I was contending for Read more…