King Island

King For A Day

A fresh look at King Island. Photography by Gary Lisbon.

Missing Links

Not So Missing Links

Whether or not a seaside golf course classifies as a true links is often secondary to the experience it provides.

Open Door Policy: Public Access Golf Courses

Open-Door Policy: Golf In Australia

Australia’s greatest golf courses were once preserved for the rich and the privileged, but in 2018 there’s barely a course in this country you can’t play.

Ocean Dunes

Course Review: Ocean Dunes Golf Course, TAS

Ocean Dunes is one of the southernmost great golf courses on the planet. Undoubtedly, it would baulk at the suggestion it’s riding on the coattails of a highly credentialed King Island neighbour.

Brad Clifton

Editor’s Letter

Chicken Before The Egg: Ocean Dunes’ sale highlights five problems on King Island.

Global 100

Global Wonders

Royal County Down tops our World 100 Greatest Golf Courses