If you’re a golf fan and you’re not watching “Live From” during a major, you’re doing it all wrong. Sometimes the drama from the Golf Channel set – viewable here via Fox Sports and Kayo – tops what even happens on the course. And yesterday, we were all gifted such a moment.

The debate over whether Brooks Koepka should – and, ultimately, will – be on the US Ryder Cup team this September will be a hot one in the coming months. But after his win at the 2023 PGA Championship, there’s no question he’s one of the 12 best American golfers on the planet. And with career major title No.5, Koepka has moved all the way up to second in the US points standings.

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Normally, the top six on that list would automatically qualify for the squad, but things are a bit up in the air thanks to LIV Golf. And yesterday, captain Zach Johnson didn’t provide any solid answers about how this scenario would play out. But Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee and Brad Faxon certainly made their opinions clear.

Faxon argued the golfers are playing for their countries and not their tour. And Chamblee still wasn’t having it. Have a look as this debate leads to an all-time awkward moment between the two:

Oh, man. That’s the good stuff right there. Even Faxon perfectly called it a “standoff” in the moment. How about those looks they shot each other!

https://www.golfdigest.com/content/dam/images/golfdigest/fullset/2021/230522-chamblee.png https://www.golfdigest.com/content/dam/images/golfdigest/fullset/2021/230522-faxon.png

This is an instant classic. We’re getting flashbacks to Chamblee and David Duval going at each other’s throats ahead of the 2016 Ryder Cup.

We can’t wait for the next major in a few weeks. If the golf at LACC is half as good as the discourse around it, we’re all in for a real treat.