Top 100 Spotlight: Avondale Golf Club

Call it secluded, call it unheralded, call it hidden within the bushy suburbs of Australia’s largest city. Whichever way you wish to frame it, found mere walking distance from Sydney’s bustling Pacific Highway is the bushland oasis of Avondale, which has been a steady rankings riser ever since Ross Watson oversaw thorough redesign work in Read more…

Business Of Golf: The Art Of The Deal

On the eve of the second edition of LIV Golf Adelaide, South Australian premier Peter Malinauskas provides an insight to how his state landed the ‘World’s Best Golf Event of the Year’.

Course Flyover: Lakeside Golf Club Camden

The transformation of the Macarthur region’s Lakeside Golf Club Camden is a story of evolution and revival, reflecting the area’s changing landscape and the club’s commitment to excellence.

Masters 2024: The Final Hurdle

Rory McIlroy has shed the burden of boardrooms on the PGA Tour to focus on playing golf. Can a freed-up McIlroy finally complete the last leg of the career Grand Slam at Augusta?