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Top 100 Spotlight: Avondale Golf Club - Australian Golf Digest Top 100 Spotlight: Avondale Golf Club - Australian Golf Digest

Call it secluded, call it unheralded, call it hidden within the bushy suburbs of Australia’s largest city. Whichever way you wish to frame it, found mere walking distance from Sydney’s bustling Pacific Highway is the bushland oasis of Avondale, which has been a steady rankings riser ever since Ross Watson oversaw thorough redesign work in the 2000s that brought the best out of the undulating land. The course advanced further in more recent years under the ingenious Nanobubbles water-enhancement technique where oxygen is fixed into irrigation water using the ozone method. The result is Avondale’s turf, which is heavily shaded, has never looked more pristine.  

Avondale Golf Club
Ranking in 2022: 64th. Prior rankings: 64th (2020), 58th (2018), 65th (2016), 66th (2014), 59th (2012), 75th (2010), 82nd (1991), 76th (1989), Seventh Ten (1986)
Avon Rd, Pymble NSW 2073
02 9449 6455