You’re looking at one of those rare players who hits the ball a mile but looks like he’s in second gear. That’s partly because of Dustin’s natural speed and athleticism but also the way he sequences his swing.

DJ starts his downswing from the ground up, shifting to his front foot and turning his hips forward. He’s super fast with his lower body, which is a big power key, but that has to be paired with a good delivery position, meaning the club doesn’t get stuck behind his body. With the club coming down in front of him, he can release the angles in his wrists and arms and send that energy down the line. He’s giving it about 80 percent, which gives him the perfect blend of power and control.

The lesson for you? Swing back as wide as you can, then let your lower body lead the downswing. Feel like you drop the club into position, so you can make a straight-line delivery through the ball. Then release everything out towards the target. That’s how you bomb it.     

“He’s a great power model: stretch to the target.”

Poised for power

Halfway down, Dustin has shifted forward and started to unwind, leading with the lower body. I love that there’s still a little space between his right elbow and body; if he jammed the elbow in, the club would drop behind him. And he has maintained the full hinge in his wrists. Here comes a lot of power.

Letting it go

At impact, his lower body is still leading. The hips are wide open, and the shoulders essentially square. His left arm is straight and right arm is straightening. But check out how soft his right hand looks. He can swing at 120-plus miles an hour, but he’s clearly not trying to steer the club or square the face with his hands.

Reaching out

This is a beautiful release, with the arms fully extended, the left shoulder turning out of the way, the head swivelling forward­ – no holding back here. But he still looks relaxed and in control. This big extension is proof that he’s keeping up his speed to the finish. Burn this image into your brain for distance and accuracy.

Swing Sequence: Dustin Johnson

By the numbers

36 / 193cm / 86kg
Palm Beach
Gardens, Florida


TaylorMade SIM Max
(10.5 degrees)

strokes gained off the tee (2019)

.703 (fourth)

average drive (2019)

285 metres (fourth)