Make a Beeline for the Ball

This might not seem like a big deal, but it is. The way you walk into a shot matters because it affects your accuracy. A lot of amateurs approach the ball from the side, or they start from behind it but then go wide and come in from the side anyway. The more you walk in on an angle, the greater your chances for misalignment. For right-handed golfers, the target will appear to the right of where it actually is. Compounding this problem, many average golfers settle into their address position with their bodies before they aim the clubface. That can really throw off your alignment.

If you want to improve your accuracy, walk into a shot the way most pros do. They come in from behind the ball, on a straight line to the target. Then when they reach it, they get into their stance only after they’ve set the clubhead behind the ball, with the face looking at the target. Remember, it’s clubface first, then body. Get into this pre-shot habit, and you’ll hit your targets more often.

Sean Foley Sean Foley Sean Foley Sean Foley

Sean Foley teaches at Orange County National in Florida.