Thee unique family atmosphere baked into the PNC Championship makes the two-day exhibition stand out in the minds of most participants.

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Yes, the 20 pros in the field this week are all highly competitive sorts – you don’t win a Major title, a requirement for entry into the event, without having that club in your bag. And on Sunday, those in contention will see that competitiveness take root in hopes of winning this title. But the tournament’s goal is to have fun and make memories. And when you’re watching the likes of Tiger and Charlie Woods fist pumping and smiling their way around the course, you get the sense that goal is being accomplished.

All that said, there is a financial reward for winning the event. The overall prizemoney payout at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Orlando is $US1.085 million with the professional on the winning team earning $200,000 for the victory.

Here’s the prizemoney payout breakdown for every team at this week’s event.

Win: John and John II Daly, -27 $200,000

2: Tiger and Charlie Woods, -25, $80,000

T-3: Justin and Mike Thomas, -24, $53,625

T-3: Stewart and Reagan Cink, -24, $53,625

T-5: Vijay and Qass Singh, -21, $48,500

T-5: Tom and Sean Lehman, -21, $48,500

7: Matt and Cameron Kuchar, -20, $47,000

T-8: Mark and Shaun O’Meara, -19, $45,500

T-8: Henrik and Karl Stenson, -19, $45,500

T-10: Rich and Michael Beem, -18, $44,500

T-10: Gary and Jordan Player, -18, $44,500

12: Nelly and Petr Korda, -17, $43,500

T-13: David and Brady Duval, -16, $42,750

T-13: Bubba Watson and Wayne Ball, -16, $42,750

15: Padraig and Paddy Harrington, -15, $42,000

T-16: Tom and Michael Watson, -14, $40,812.50

T-16: Jim and Tanner Furyk, -14, $40,812.50

T-16: Nick and Greg Price, -14, $40,812.50

T-16: Nick and Mathew Faldo, -14, $40,812.50

20: Lee and Daniel Trevino, -13, $40,000