[PHOTO: Ross Kinnaird]

This year’s PGA Championship is in horse-racing country, so to borrow from the parlance of the equine sport, you might want to back a “mudder” this week.

Most of the 2024 PGA Championship field was out early on Tuesday at Valhalla, trying to get prep work in before ominous weather rolled through the area. That hope was short-lived, as yellow “Weather Warning” signs were posted about 9:30am with storms moving into the Louisville area.

If the forecasts are to be believed, those signs may be making multiple appearances at the 2024 PGA Championship.

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Valhalla is supposed to be hit with rain on Tuesday and Wednesday, and though Thursday’s opening round should provide a respite, storms are expected to return on Saturday and Sunday.

Luckily Sunday’s forecast looks better, and the PGA battled through a rain-soaked slogfest at Oak Hill last May. Still, don’t be surprised if rain is one of this tournament’s primary characters to start the week.