An exciting final round is taking place at Valhalla with a great leaderboard and plenty of birdies. Unfortunately, there also seem to be plenty of snakes.

Apparently, you really need to watch where you walk at the Kentucky course. Which is makes that fan diving into a pond to retrieve Adam Hadwin’s golf club the other day even crazier. The PGA of America posted this reptile video on Saturday:

The horror! And on Sunday, there was another snake making its way around the premises. But luckily, there was one brave (dumb?) fan willing to take matters into his own (bare) hands.

Have a look as this guy carries a snake over to a waterway before releasing it. Then he just goes about his business as some fans give him an ovation.

“That’s my boy,” the guy videoing says in the clip. “He’s just country, dude.”

Call him anything, just don’t call him Indiana Jones. Anyway, hopefully, someone bought that hero a beer.