“How far to the pin, mate?” What was once the most common phrase heard on the golf course is becoming increasingly less common thanks to the rapid growth – and affordability – of rangefinder technology. The competition of distance-seeking typically pits “Laser versus GPS” and a strong case can be made on behalf of either. Laser rangefinders are more precise, but require aiming and shooting, while GPS offers convenience, providing distances at a glance, but only to front, centre and back of greens. Like mobile phones, rangefinder technology is becoming increasingly functional, with today’s brands offering a wide range of options to suit both the high and low-handicapper. “The level of information may vary depending on the golfer,” says Bruce Peacock, national sales manager for Sureshotgps. “The more serious player may want all possible information at their fingertips, so they may choose a unit that has an aerial overview image as well as mapped distances. They may also want to use a laser rangefinder to measure distances to certain points that a mapped device may not provide. For the social player, a device that provides a more basic level of information such as front, centre and back of green may suffice.”



Handheld: For visuals and someone that likes big screens, loves data and information, live aerial overviews, custom points, goodin-depth scoring

Watch: Fitness orientated/multi-sport, fashion conscious and also practical as everyday watch

Voice: For auditory people that prefer to hear instruction/advice

Laser: These people care about the most accurate distance to the pin

GolfBuddy LR5
Compact & easy-to-use laser rangefinder
The LR5 is a compact and easy-to-use device weighing just under 200 grams and features three different scan modes – standard, scan and pin, with the scan and pin modes easily operated with just one click. RRP $369.95. See gpsgolfbuddy.com.au for more.

GolfBuddy BB5
Innovative and fashionable golf GPS band
GolfBuddy continues to innovate with the introduction of the BB5, the first ever golf GPS band in the world. This unique and fashionable band offers distances to the front, centre and back of the green on a LED display. The BB5 offers comfort, style and function, all in one, with six different colour bands to match your attire along with time mode, play mode, built-in pedometer function and comes preloaded with over 37,000 courses. RRP $299.95. See gpsgolfbuddy.com.au for more.

GolfBuddy WT5
Feature-rich golf GPS watch
GolfBuddy’s wearable GPS takes you one step further with a slimmer design and a more comfortable fit to your wrist than its previous model. Fully utilise Dynamic Green View and moveable pin placement features with simple press-and-hold buttons. The GolfBuddy WT5 is a fully functional digital wristwatch with a rechargeable battery. RRP $279.95. See gpsgolfbuddy.com.au for more.

GolfBuddy VS4
Talking GPS With Versatility
Introducing the newest addition to the GolfBuddy Voice line, the VS4. The VS4 is a simple distance-measuring device. With one click of a button, you can hear the distance to the front/centre/back of the green. The VS4 also displays the distances on the LCD screen if you prefer not to use the voice function. The versatile VS4 can be used to clip on your cap or belt. Use the optional accessories to wear it on your wrist or attach to your gear with the retractable clip. The GolfBuddy VS4 is available in white or black and is the choice for those who just want basic information delivered in the simplest way. RRP $199.95. See gpsgolfbuddy.com.au for more.

GolfBuddy PT4
GOLFBUDDY  (above)
Premium touchscreen, full-function GPS rangefinder
The new GolfBuddy PT4 touchscreen has been upgraded from a pressure-based touchscreen to a capacitive touchscreen – the new TouchSwipe screen enables taps and gestures to be even more responsive, just like your smartphone. The 4-inch LCD touchscreen, precisely measures the distance to any target, as well as shot distance measurement. The PT4 is loaded with a variety of new and hallmarked GolfBuddy features, including Dynamic Green View, Moveable pin placement and interactive scoreboard and tracking module (up to 4 players).

While segmented into the handheld category, the PT4 is wearable and is sold with a clip that can be attached to a belt or golf bag. The re-chargeable lithium battery lasts up to 10 hours, giving players up to two full rounds of use on a single charge. As with all GolfBuddy GPS products, the PT4 is 100 per cent fee-free, with no annual subscriptions or course download charges to pay after purchase. Complete with over 37,000 pre-loaded global courses. RRP: $549.95. See gpsgolfbuddy.com.au for more.

Bushnell Golf TourX

BUSHNELL (above)
Dual Display leads host of premium features with US PGA Tour’s No.1 laser rangefinder
In an effort to continue catering to over 97 per cent of US PGA Tour pros and top amateurs who trust Bushnell laser rangefinders, the TOUR X has been engineered with Exchange Technology. Using two interchangeable faceplates, Exchange Technology gives the golfer a 2-in-1 device. The TOUR X conforms to USGA rule 14-3/.05 and R&A rule 14-3 when the black faceplate is engaged. When users switch to the red faceplate, the TOUR X deploys Slope Technology providing players with adjusted distance readings based on elevation changes.

The introduction of the TOUR X once again proves we are not only committed to the Tour player, but also the elite amateur player who requires precise meterage readings during practice and tournament rounds,” says Paul McLean, Bushnell & Bollé golf manager. The TOUR X features Dual Display Technology (DDT) that allows users to easily toggle between the bright red display featuring Vivid Display Technology or the crisp black display, incredible ranging capability of up to 1,200 metres (410+ metres to a flag), 2nd Generation E.S.P. (Extreme. Speed. Precision.) and PinSeeker with JOLT Technology. See bushnellgolf.com for more.

Bushnell Golf Neo Ghost GPS Rangefinder
BUSHNELL (above)
Pocket-sized Golf GPS that defines Distance Made Simple
The NEO Ghost comes preloaded with more than 30,000 courses and provides simple measurements to the front, centre and back distances of the green – along with up to four hazard/layup distances per hole. Additional features include auto course and auto hole recognition, shot distance calculator and long battery life (play three rounds before charging). Bushnell’s latest Golf GPS innovation joins the NEO XS, which is the lightest, thinnest GPS watch rangefinder in golf. The NEO Ghost is black, charcoal, neon green and white – and is available for $169.  See bushnellgolf.com for more.

Sureshotgps Hybrid Golf Watch GW3
Hybrid Golf Watch GW3
Tracking your progress while you stay focused
Designed for the golfer in mind who also likes to keep fit from running, walking and cycling, the new Sureshotgps Hybrid Golf Watch GW3 is a full-feature sports watch. This little powerhouse device features a high-tech odometer, tracking speed and distance as well as calculating calories burned while using the programmed modes to walk, run, cycle or play golf.

For the golfing enthusiast, the Sureshotgps Hybrid Golf Watch GW3 comes preloaded with 28,000 Australian, New Zealand and international golf courses so you can see live, accurate distances to the green with a flick of your wrist. With different programs and modes, you can become smarter at your game and analyse things such as your swing tempo to help you increase the distance of your hits.

The Sureshotgps Hybrid Golf Watch GW3 boasts a range of different features for improving your golf game including live distance updates to the front, centre and back of the green, as well as individual shot distances, auto hole and course recognition software and even a built in scorecard. You can record your score and review up to 200 rounds of scoring history by date and course.

Boasting a sporty soft rubber band, this watch is lightweight and waterproof (up to 30m), yet fashionable enough to wear everyday as a timepiece and is available in black and white at a retail price of $299. For more information, call 1300 644 523 or visit sureshotgps.com.