A trademark application from the Saudi-backed league to trade LIV Golf’s logo has been denied by Miami Beach’s LIV nightclub, the renowned discotheque in the Fountainbleu Hotel. (Random note, but how good is the word discotheque? We should use it more.)

Both entities use the Roman numeral for 54 as their avatar—the nightclub as an allusion to Studio 54 and LIV Golf for the number of viewers they get for each event—and the South Florida mainstay would not let Phil Mickelson and co. steal their brand outright.


It’s one of those improbable LIV stories that seem too good to believe, but things just keep getting wilder and wilder by the day. Hopefully, LIV golfers aren’t planning to hit up the Florida late-night scene. And if they are, they better be prepared to splurge if they’re going to try to get past the velvet ropes.