JORDAN Spieth and caddie Michael Greller have a long way to go in the mid-round deliberation department if they want to rival the all-time champions, Phil Mickelson and Jim “Bones” Mackay. But they’re getting closer, and this exchange caught by Fox Sports’ mics offered a neat window into the decision-making behind every shot (it also helps explain why Spieth is not setting any speed records this week, but that’s maybe another story).

A couple of highlights.

— This exchange:

Spieth: “Where do you want this ball? Just directly at it?”

Greller: “Yeah.”

What, golf isn’t that simple for you?

— It’s nice to see that even other PGA Tour players are blown away by how far Dustin Johnson projects a golf ball.

— When Spieth knocks his approach shot on the ninth green and waits for applause, he clearly thought the shot was better than it was.

“I got no claps for that,” he said, before accepting, “Must be pretty far back.”

It was. Spieth’s ball settled 74 feet above the hole, and he three-putted for bogey en route to a second consecutive 72. But it wasn’t for a lack of effort.