Remember Jesper Parnevik? Of course you do. The guy used to be a top-10 player in the world, he won five times on the PGA Tour, he’s responsible for setting up Tiger Woods with his ex-wife, and he’s a frequent road trip partner with John Daly.

It’s an impressive, eclectic résumé, and the 57-year-old Swede still plays on the PGA Tour Champions. You just might not recognise him these days.

That’s because Parnevik returned this week from a golf sabbatical looking like he spent the time stranded on a deserted island. Seriously. Look at this guy’s official tour headshot from 18 months ago:

Sharp looking dude, right? Well, look at him now.

We were thinking more “Castaway 2,” but you get the point. So seriously, what’s up? Here’s how Parnevik explained it:

“This new look started as a bet that I couldn’t cut my hair until I won a tournament and bad thing is I haven’t played since September so that’s pretty much it,” Parnevik says in the clip. “My dad loves it, though. For some reason he has been a little bit upset the last 25 years when I shaved it. So he’s actually really happy about this one. My wife, not so much.” Classic.

Well, there you go. The important lesson we can take from all of this? Don’t ever bet on yourself.