Five Things You Can Learn From The Five Most Recent World No.1’s

Dustin Johnson

Dustin’s range of motion and power is the envy of many golfers. His fitness has a lot to do with the stability of his lower body as his upper body winds over a solid base. To get the same type of feel Dustin achieves, hold a small fit ball between your knees as you wind your upper body in a practice swing. You will feel a stretch between your upper and lower body that creates torque. The introduction of speed to this movement will result in greater distance.

Jason Day

Jason has worked hard on his pre-shot routine and it is a part of the game we should all work on. Jason walks behind the ball and looks down the line of his shot. He closes his eyes and visualises the shot while maintaining his breathing. He holds his club up to set the line to the target, walks up to the ball, takes his stance, has a waggle of the club and then goes. If you can get into the habit of a consistent pre-shot routine, you will be able to produce good shots under pressure.

Jordan Spieth

After watching Jordan at the 2015 Masters, I was impressed with how consistent his putting is under pressure. Jordan’s routine is the same each time and this enables him to keep the same rhythm in his putting stroke. Maintain the same rhythm in your stroke, whether it is a long or short putt, as this will produce a more consistent roll.

Rory McIlroy

Rory has a very powerful swing, and he achieves this by using the ground better than most players on tour. Golfers are often told to keep your head level during your downswing. If you watch Rory, his head drops down when he changes direction from backswing to downswing. This indicates he is putting downward pressure into the middle of his left foot, which will encourage more speed from the ground up which equates to more speed and distance.

Adam Scott

If you can learn one thing from Adam it is that his balanced posture at set-up allows him to swing the club at the same speed on his backswing and downswing. Many players are slower on their backswing and faster on the downswing. His rhythm is the best you will see on tour and the reason why he is able to maintain perfect balance after impact.

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