Few are the times you don’t have a greenside bunker shot during a round of golf. And sometimes they are really close shots – the ones you have nightmares about.

Here’s how to handle short bunker shots. Starting with your set-up, aim slightly left (for right-handers), with your ball position inside the front heel, your spine more vertical with your weight slightly favouring your left side. Hover the club two inches behind the ball and allow the club to swing steeper on the takeaway to let the bounce of the club work under the ball to create a higher flight with a lot of spin.

Jason Laws - Short Shrift
“Shorter bunker shots call for a different set-up.” – Jason Laws

Ask your PGA professional to recommend how much bounce you need for the type of sand at your home course. Generally, less bounce is best for shallower sand and more bounce for thick, fluffy sand.  

Jason Laws - Short Shrift

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