Every house needs a solid foundation and a golf swing is no different.

As we embark on a 12-month campaign to build a better golf swing without having to leave the house, it is critical we start with the element that gives you the greatest chance to execute a consistent golf swing: the set-up.

Your posture and the way you set up to the golf ball will be dependent somewhat on your body shape and your range of movement, but there are some basic building blocks that should be common to all.

Jason Laws: SwingAdam Scott has a taller posture than someone like Raymond Floyd, for example,  but the way their bodies work from the ground up puts them in position to find the centre of the clubface virtually every time.

Starting with the feet, think about your weight being centred. You don’t want to be on your heels and alternatively not on your toes to the point where you might feel like you’re going to fall forward. Whether someone pushes you from the front or back, a strong base should prevent you from falling either way.

The reality for most amateurs is that they lack the proper rotation in the golf swing to generate power. Many have a lot of body turn, but a rotation that pivots around the spine is a different movement altogether.

Because of our body’s limitations, I like to see golfers with their feet slightly flared. A slightly open left foot (for a right-hander) stops sliding and allows you to maintain your spine angle through the shot, while a more open right foot like Sam Snead had promotes the extra rotation you’re looking for to generate power. That position along with soft, supple knees allows the swing to feel dynamic and natural.

So many of the faults we see in the shots we hit stem from the body not being in the right position and not consistently repeating the same movement. It’s about having the body and arms linked up from the starting point so they can make the same swing twice.

If we set up the body to be in the ‘Go’ position, you can really play great golf.


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A great way to get into the correct position is to stand tall, put both hands on your thighs, push your hands down to your knees and unlock your legs. From that position, let your right hip feel slightly down and forward and with level hips that will generate a natural spine tilt. Take a photo doing this drill, post it to  Facebook or Instagram and tag ‘Jason Laws Golf Academy’ and ‘Australian Golf Digest’ and we will select someone at random to receive a free online lesson.

• Jason Laws is an Australian Golf Digest instructor and NSW PGA Teaching Professional of the Year recipient and if you have any questions for Jason, e-mail him at [email protected]