HOW closely have you been watching Jason Day during his rise to number one in the world? Have you noticed his unwavering pre-shot routine?

Jason DayIf there is one thing we can learn from Day it’s the value of a consistent pre-shot routine.

The Aussie has a routine that he repeats, habitually, over every shot.

He starts by standing behind the ball, facing in the direction of his shot, in an area we call the “thinking box”. This is where Day is picturing his ball flight and shot shape [left] before taking a practice swing to feel the shot he is going to play. He then closes his eyes and focuses on that shot.

Walking up to his ball he enters the “target box”. Here he puts the club behind the ball and grips the club. He then takes his stance, does his routine waggle and starts his swing with great rhythm and timing.

Day repeats this routine on every shot, which is why he can produce great shots under pressure.

When you next have a lesson with your local PGA Professional, ask them to help you with a pre-shot routine. Use this routine on every shot, even when you are on the range. Practising the correct way ensures you take your best game out onto the course.

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Jason Laws is the NSW PGA Teaching Professional of the year.