Before you pick a tour star to copy, you must first identify whether you have a Model or Fundamental swing

Who should I model my golf swing on?

It’s a question I’m asked by a client at least once a week.
My answer: your swing should fall into one of two categories – the ‘Model’ swing or the ‘Fundamental’ swing.

The Model swing is that of a player who has all the ‘correct’ swing positions, like Adam Scott.

The Fundamental swing is that of a player who has ‘different’ swing positions but still manages to return to a great impact position. Jim Furyk is a perfect example of a fundamental swing. The American has a vertical takeaway and then drops the club inside to create that great impact position. Both the Model and Fundamental swings will work for different players, depending on their own physical abilities and body type. Ask your coach which category you fall into and choose a tour player with the same body type to use as a basis for your swing. Most players would naturally want Scott’s swing, but many will not fall into his category.  Depending on your time management and commitment to practice, your coach will be able to design a program to suit your needs.

It’s hard to believe, but some amateurs can actually learn a lot from Jim Furyk’s unorthodox Fundamental swing. Despite his many swing quirks, the American always finds a great impact position.

Jim Furyk