1. Downhill lies

Most of the world’s best coaches highly recommend practising from a downhill lie. Why? Because it helps you cover the ball with your chest at impact, which benefits the person that hangs back on their back foot. It will also help create a stronger ball flight and shot shape.

2. Slow it down

I can’t sing highly enough the praises of making three-quarter swings at 50 per cent speed. This will allow you to form a consistent tempo and timing, and the results on the course will provide fantastic feedback.

3. Impact bag

This is my favourite drill – or equipment aid – for improving contact. Put the bag one foot in front of you and take a half swing into it. What you are trying to achieve is having the clubface, a flat left wrist and left arm (for right-handers) all in line at impact. The clubface should naturally rotate into the impact bag.

4. Rope it in

Buy a piece of rope equal to twice the length of your 5-iron. Swing this back and forward and it will create a sequence for both sides of your swing.

5. Keep it equal

I often see on the course, or in a lesson, the majority of golfers tend to have a nice, controlled backswing but try to hit the cover off the ball on the downswing. Having a consistent pace coming back and going through is key to reproducing centre-face contact. I use the Tour Tempo app to help students make their own rhythm. Tour Tempo will help you groove a desired 3-1 ratio and allow you to swing the club at your natural speed.

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