Golf is a game of many parts, and if one part has problems it can affect the whole swing.

At my academy, we have found that poor posture is the main problem in many golfers’ swings.

We use the BodiTrak Force plate at the academy as well as during Australian Golf Digest Golf Schools to check for correct pressure shift starting from the address position.

Foot pressure at address is important. Ideally the pressure should be even within each foot, so 50 percent on the toes and 50 percent on the heel. Weight distribution between the two feet should be 55 percent on the front foot and 45 percent on the back foot for irons, and evenly spread for woods.

Players tend to keep too much pressure in their heels, which promotes an inside and over-the-top action. This most often results in the player hitting a slice, the ball going to the right either slightly (a fade) or dramatically (a cut).

BodiTrak allows us to show golfers how this pressure is changing during the swing and how we need to adjust it to achieve better results. Adjusting foot pressure can result in different types of shot shapes, both draws and fades.

BodiTrak connects with the V1 Sports software, which allows us to record these adjustments in a video lesson that can be stored and reviewed at home. If you think you could benefit from this type of swing analysis, go to the Performance Brands Australia website and find the PGA professional in your area that uses BodiTrak.


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Jason Laws is the NSW PGA Teaching Profesional of the year and if you have any questions for Jason, e-mail him at [email protected]