Get More Bite – The Secret to Creating Backspin Like the Tour Pros

We all have memories of Greg Norman’s ability to create backspin on his pitch shots, sometimes spinning the ball back off the green. To be able to do this consistently there are a couple of things you need to look at.

First, you need to consider the type golf ball you play and the wedges you use, specifically the club’s loft, bounce and grinds. Tour professionals like to use premium soft covered balls to achieve maximum backspin on their shots. To ensure you have the right wedge for your game and your home course, visit your local PGA Professional and have your wedges custom fitted. Wedges often need to have a flatter lie than your other irons. The grind and bounce options will depend on whether your course’s lies are hard or soft. When I do a clubfitting or give a short game lesson, I use the TrackMan launch monitor to work out the amount of spin and distance for each wedge. A lot of amateurs don’t bother to get this information, but it will have a huge impact on your game. Get it done.

To create maximum spin on your wedges, you’ll need to set up with a slightly open stance with the ball position slightly forward. Hinge the club steeply using your upper body rotation in the backswing to do this. Using your lower body rotation, start your downswing, as this will allow you to control the speed and angle of attack/descent, which will make most effective use of the bounce on your wedge. The amount of spin achieved will vary depending on the distance hit and the loft of the wedge.

Pitching makes up around 40 per cent of your game, so make sure you practise with all your wedges. Talk to your local PGA professional about the most effective way to practise your wedges and you’ll be spinning it like Norman in no time.

Greg Norman