Five Tips To Get Your Child Loving Golf

GOLF is almost always first learned from one’s father. Though golfers should always seek professional instruction from a PGA pro, dads can help teach children how to approach the game. Below are the five fundamentals I taught my son when he started playing golf.

The first tip I gave my son was to earn the respect of fellow club members and playing partners. Respect is a two-way street – if you earn respect, you will receive it.

2. Etiquette
Learn the etiquette of the game, from tee to green. The correct order of teeing off, where to stand when others are hitting, divot and pitch-mark repairing technique and how to avoid walking on a player’s putting line.

3. Dress to Impress
You don’t have to wear the latest styles, but we can all dress well and have clean shoes. The most improbable meetings can happen on the golf course and first impressions last.

4. Ask the Pros
Take advantage of the PGA professionals at your local course. If the world’s best need coaching, then so do you. Clubfitting is also essential to make your golf experiences more enjoyable.

5. Practise and Play
The only way to improve your game is to work at it. Regular practice will have a positive impact on your game and will ensure you are training correctly. But you also need to play as much golf as you can to develop your golf IQ and learn how to score when you’re not swinging at your best.

Childs Play

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