IT’S A BRAND new year. And with it should be a promise to yourself this year will be your best season ever. Of course, there are several things you can do to help make this resolution become a reality – not least an increased commitment to practice, equipment purchase and diet. But here are five specific steps to take your game to a new level this year:

1. Get more flex
Work on your stretching to achieve the flexibility you need for consistent results. Tour players work on stretching and  flexibility, not just practising their game. Make contact with a personal trainer for a complete program to help all aspects of your training.

2. Time for a motor change
Work with your coach on drills to change your motor patterns. This will help you play your best under any conditions or situations. Practise your drills on the range instead of hitting full shots. This will produce the correct feel.

3. A quick nine
Work on your short game by trying this drill: Play nine different shots around the chipping green that you would play on the course. After playing the nine scenarios, work out which of these shots are your weakest. Now work on these weak shots until you have perfected them.

4. Step in, hit, repeat
Complete practice – don’t just hit balls, train your pre-shot routine every time you are working on your game. This will ensure you go through the same process every shot and have less chance of succumbing to pressure situations.

5. Lies, lies, more lies
Make sure you practise from different lies. Not every shot on the course is a flat lie like the driving range. Work your body to the slope to make consistent contact. Put the ball slightly back in your stance, 10 per cent of your weight more on your left side and adjust the length of your club –grip down if necessary. By making these changes at address, you will start to produce a consistent shot shape and distance.

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