What it does: The four-piece clubhead is intricate. The dual 630 stainless-steel split body is a carryover from the previous model. What’s new is the proximity of the deep undercut to the face. By moving the weld away from the bottom of the titanium face plate, that area can be thinned to the point where the steel is actually thinner than the face. That reduces the stiffness low on the face leading to ball-speed increases on low impacts. The face is not only fast, but light. The weight was reduced by 7 percent with the savings used elsewhere to promote stability for better results on mis-hits.  

Why we like it: Talking about weight in a golf club is about as exciting as watching someone put on socks. Using weight smartly, however, is just as functional as a good pair of hosiery for your feet. In this club that means adding a 20-gram weight low in the
5 to 7-irons to produce a higher trajectory and extra forgiveness. Perhaps more meaningful is the removal of weight from the shaft, which is now in the butt end of the club. This brings the balance point closer to the hands to promote better positioning at the top of the swing (more cocked and closer to the body).

7-iron loft 28 degrees pw loft 42 degrees

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“Sleek for this category. A lot of offset, but that helps square the club. Feels like the ball is launching off a trampoline but with enough height to hold a green.”

– Player comment

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