Rogue ST Max OS/Lite

What it does: Callaway has a penchant for making irons that are easy to hit, and this one ranks with the best of them. To achieve this, the company took tech improvements from its other Rogue models and put them in a package designed to eliminate as much user error as possible. With the aid of artificial intelligence, the face has varying thicknesses for each iron. A durable 450 stainless-steel wraparound cupface brings rebound at impact. Because players in this category often need an assist getting the ball airborne, up to 60 grams of tungsten are placed low inside the clubhead for a lower centre of gravity that ups launch angle by half a degree. 

Why we like it: The company’s previous offering in this category, the Big Bertha, was a super-game-improvement iron in a relatively palatable shape. With the Rogue ST Max OS no such subtlety was attempted. The clubheads are suitably large and provide plenty of launch assistance, distance and forgiveness for those needing help in all three of those areas. Because not all players in this category have the same swing speed, we particularly like the addition of the Lite model designed for those with deliberate swings. 

7-iron loft 28.5 degrees pw loft 41 degrees

Reviewer profile

“The technology is packaged in a clean way. Really rewarding: on slightly heavy shots, the club feels like it cuts through the ground effortlessly.”

– Player comment

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