What it does: OK, we know that sets with large-headed, hollow bodies aren’t that easy on the eyes for some golfers, but what
really matters is how they perform, and these do just that. The hollow design incorporates a wide sole with rails that make turf interaction easier and help shift weight low to foster higher ball flights. A durable 455 steel is used for the company’s forged E9 face design in which material has been removed from the heel and toe to increase ball speed on shots struck in those areas.

Why we like it: In recent years Cobra has broadened its reach by making irons that appeal to better players, but the company hasn’t done this at the expense of producing helpful equipment for golfers who need it. The T-Rail set builds on that heritage in a meaningful way by using one of the company’s most proven design features – the Baffler soles. In addition, a true, larger hybrid is used in place of the 4-iron instead of an iron with a hollow-body construction. In short, there are no complaints about the feel of this club or its ability to produce good golf shots. Want even more help? A 5 and 6-hybrid are available through custom order.

7-iron loft 29 degrees pw loft 44 degrees

Reviewer profile

“All shots have similar ball flights with good forgiveness. Even when I hit it fat, the ball goes the same distance. These are super trustworthy clubs.”

– Player comment

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