Tour Edge

Exotics C721

Because of the inherent difficulty of hitting longer clubs off the ground, fairway woods are likely the hardest clubs to make consistent centre-face contact. That’s why adding forgiveness to those dreaded other hits is so important. Tour Edge goes about this in two ways. First, there’s more stability on off-centre hits through the use of two lightweight carbon-fibre panels that stretch across the crown and sole. The saved weight is redistributed low and deep, including a 10-gram weight chip in the extreme rear perimeter. The panels are split by a steel ridge that connects to the face and runs from front to back and into the soleplate. The ridge is designed to brace the face for better flexing on centre hits and misses on the heel and toe. Second is the company’s trademark wraparound cupface, which is in its 12th iteration. It uses a new high-strength steel alloy that helps reduce face thickness at the perimeter by 20 percent. The face’s secret is a variable-thickness pattern that features a grid of 61 interlocking diamond shapes of five thicknesses blanketing the hitting area horizontally and vertically. That helps produce more consistently high ball speeds over a larger area of the face.

LOFTS 13.5, 15, 16.5, 18, 21

Reviewer profile

“I actually think that centre ridge helps keep my backswing on path. Larger size, but it delivers a piercing flight, straight with little distraction left or right.”

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