Launcher HB Turbo

Cleveland wanted to find out if by simplifying the elements in this design, it could make a more effective club, especially for what the company believes is the vast majority of paying golfers (not the best who get their gear for free). That’s why features like moveable weights, adjustable hosels and interplanetary alloys aren’t part of the program. From Cleveland’s perspective, each either adds unwanted mass in the wrong place or excessive cost for an undetermined value. Freed from those constraints, the focus can be on creating the two things golfers really want or need: ball speed and a higher launch. The first starts with a variable-thickness, wraparound cupface that extends the thinnest areas farther towards the perimeter for more overall face flexing. Better launch is achieved by fashioning the crown with a step down to lower the overall weight of the crown and drop the centre of gravity. Additional weight is pulled out of the hosel and distributed low and deep in the clubhead for higher launch and more stability on off-centre hits. One final piece to help us regular Joes reach our full potential: the shaft is designed with more weight in the hands for better control. 

LOFTS 15, 18  

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“The shallow face is effective: the ball really pops at impact and gets up quickly. The club is easy to control.”

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