SIM2 Max

What it does: Making the face springy at impact has been a part of the company’s irons for a decade. To boost ball speed in this iron, TaylorMade uses a “cap-back” design. The design offers the distance benefit of a hollow-body design but replaces the steel back with a polymer “cap” or badge. This has advantages a cavity-back construction does not because it seals the head and allows for hollow areas inside, saving weight to use elsewhere. The lightweight polymer cap is 7.5 times lighter than steel, resulting in a low centre of gravity for high launch and low spin. The vibration-damping adhesive is used to bond the cap to the back for optimal feel. 

Why we like it: In recent years, TaylorMade has burnished its brand as one for better golfers. Although TaylorMade features plenty of cool irons aimed at single-digit players, its new SIM2 Max irons are intended for golfers who need some help and welcome an iron that can supply more distance. As such, these irons continue the company’s heritage of using a flexible, cut-through slot or “speed pocket” in the soles of the 4 to 8-irons. This technology helps the face flex, which yields more ball speed and distance.

7-iron loft 28.5 degrees pw loft 43.5 degrees

Reviewer profile

“Just stupid long. That speed comes without losing shots left and right. A forgiving super-ball producer, all without making a clunky clubhead.”

– Player comment

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