What it does: The power comes from a combination of a new variable-thickness face with a polymer core that enhances feel and face resilience. The polymer core is now on the lower portion of the sole behind the face, compared with being on the back side of the iron in the previous T300. That not only looks better, it helps the face work more efficiently, especially on low impacts. Another upgrade is the investment in dense tungsten. The new T300 features 40 percent more tungsten than the previous model, or an average of 70 grams per head in the 4 to 7-iron. That mass is added to the toe and heel through the same brazing technique used in the other T-series irons for more stability on off-centre hits.

Why we like it: The goal here was to create an iron that’s not too big yet brings more distance and more height so that shots come into the green at a steeper angle and tend to hold. This is not easy to accomplish with irons featuring relatively strong lofts. Another cool thing Titleist has done here: designers have carefully thinned the heel of the face to improve face flex in an area where there’s little room to get the face to bend.

7-iron loft 29 degrees pw loft 43 degrees

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“Well-struck shots bring the click you expect. You get the ultimate reward on direct hits with mis-hits providing similar distance and trajectory as solid strikes.”

– Player comment

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