Launcher XL

What it does: The set uses two constructions: a hollow-body-iron design in the long irons (4 to 7-iron) and a more traditional cavity-back construction in the 8-iron to gap wedge. The irons also borrow the “mainframe” technology first used by affiliated brand Srixon in which the backside of each iron face is milled in a variable-thickness pattern made up of various indentations to provide extra ball speed and remove mass. The V-shaped sole has an elevated leading edge, producing less drag than a typical flat sole, allowing shots hit fat to still go a respectable distance. 

Why we like it: For several years Cleveland has approached its design of clubs with the everyman in mind. That’s because golfers who fall into the game-improvement-iron category approach golf and their choice of equipment from a pair of standpoints. Yes, they want to maximise the results from their good shots, but they also want help reducing the effect of less-than-perfect swings. To help with the latter, the Launcher XL irons use an eight-gram weight in the butt end of each grip that counterbalances the iron and helps promote a smoother swing that better squares the club at impact.

7-iron loft 29 degrees pw loft 43 degrees

Reviewer profile

“The softness is sweet. The head isn’t as offset as some others, but it provided a good launch. Not sure what they did with the sole, but the turf interaction is exceptional.”

– Player comment

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