0311 Black Ops

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A thinner, stronger metal in the face typically means faster ball speed. PXG’s engineers believe the new steel alloy – yet to be named – in this hybrid’s face improves ball speed and more. The face is 10.5 percent thinner, but it also produces a higher launch angle with less spin. Combining faster ball speed and better launch conditions is a recipe for distance and, as it turns out, tighter dispersion. That’s some alloy. Maybe PXG should call it Something Else.

0311 Black Ops

  • Thin but strong face insert creates speed, higher launch and less spin.
  • The interchangeable sole weights in the heel, toe and rear help tune ball flight or correct mis-hits.
  • 17, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31 degrees (with an eight-way adjustable hosel)

Top 5 best rated, hybrids, Middle-Handicaps

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“I can really hit ’em straight. The ball just doesn’t want to move. The head is aggressive looking, but you can’t argue with what it can do.”

– 0-Handicapper

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